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Alu-wheel Machining has been primarily established for the machining of automobile aluminum wheels. However, the plant's capability and the hability of our experienced engineers, is not limited to wheels.

With our state-of-the-art CNC equipment and highly motivated and trained personnel, Alu-Wheel offers the most efficient and cost-effective machining production support.

With our current machining capability, with reference to aluminum wheel machining, is in wheels with dimensions of up to 32” nominal diameter  X 13” nominal wide.

As stated above, our machining capability is not limited to the machining of aluminum wheels and/or aluminum parts. Our machining capacity expands to various and diverse fields and parts. (i.e. OEM, Aerospace parts, Aftermarket, Automobile industry).

With 26 CNC machines already installed and others projected to be installed in the near future, our total machining force is as follow:

  • Four (4) W20-T4 Four Axes VTL’s with dual station pallet loading system
  • Two (2) MIRROR 24 Two Axes VTL’s for superfinishing machining process
  • Two (2) W32-T4 Four Axes VTL’s with dual station pallet loading system
  • Three(3) W20-T2 Two Axes VTL’s
  • Two (2) W22-T2 Two Axes VTL’s
  • Two (2) DW-22V Four Axes machining centers
  • Two (2) DWN-24V Four Axes machining centers
  • Two (2) DWN-24V5a Five Axes machining center
  • One (1) W24-T2 with Two Axes
  • Four (4) DWN-22VP Four Axes, dual working stations, machining center
And the following ones conform our Automated Cell:
  • One (1) WE24-T4 Four Axes VTL with dual station pallet loading system and direct drive motor spindle
  • One (1) W24-T4 Four Axes VTL
  • One (1) DWN-24VP Four Axes, dual working stations, machining center, and
  • One(1) Fanuc Robot M410iB 160, Four Axes

Other equipment currently installed are:

  1. Mitutoyo CMM Bright Apex 1212,one of the biggest CMM machines available in Mexico
  2. Weight compensation lifters
  3. Leak testing machines
  4. Etc.
Alu-Wheel Machining plant is located in Mexicali, B.C., México. This is not an out-source machining plant, only. We are equipped with a very strong in-house CAD/engineering group to allow us to work with our customers in a manner that optimizes our capability as well as our customer’s needs.

Alu-Wheel Machining takes full responsibility for all materials supplied by the customers, as well as for the quality supplied under demanding customer specifications.

In short, Alu-Wheel Machining can seamlessly operate as an extension of your company, working closely with your manufacturing personnel or engineers to reach mutual satisfactory and a end-product that will be proud to put your name on.

Aluwheel Machining 2006