Airport System:

Our facility is equipped to machine any type of automobile wheel with nominal dimension of up to 24" in diameter and 13" in height and with the addition of appropiate tooling, the plant has the capacity to machine wheel with up to 32" in nominal diameter and 13" in height.

IMT Dual station four-axes Vertical Machining Center model DWN-22VP.

IMT five-axes Vertical Machining Center model DW24-V5a, it has the capability to machine up to 24” diameter wheels. Also has the capability to machine any type of geometry. It operates, simultaneously on five operating axes.

Air/Water Leak Testing machines for wheels with nominal size of up to 24” in diameter.

Mitutoyo Bright Apex 1212 CMM measure machine.
We also are equipped with a SCAGLIA liftronic Model PN-XL 160 and PN-XL 80 Pneumatic Lift systems with 60 Kg and 30 Kg Load capacity. And 5 weight lifter compensators.
Este Teléfono opera 24 horas y todo el año. Es atendido personalmente por un funcionario del consulado y esta habilitado solo para atender casos de mexicanos que se encuentran en una situación de emergencia.
Aluwheel Machining 2006